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Shawline Power cable brings Chord quality to mains-connected devices

Shawline Streaming cable delivers best-in-class music streaming

The Chord Company launches Clearway Analogue


The Chord Company launches the Shawline range

The Chord Company launches ChordMusic, 30 years in the making

The Chord Company restructures its entire portfolio for 2016!

New analogue and digital cables to preview at Bristol Sound and Vision!

C-screen loudspeaker cable - just £5p/m! (below)

Clearway loudspeaker cable (below)

Sarum Super ARAY analogue interconnect (below)

Sarum Super ARAY power cable (below)

Anthem and Signature Tuned ARAY streaming cables (below)

Signature ARAY power cable (below)

C-line interconnect (below)

Cream competition (September 2014 only)

Active Resolution HDMI V2 (below)

Signature Reference speaker cable (below) 

Silent Mount isolation devices (below)

Epic Reference speaker cable (below)

Anthem, Signature, Indigo (digital) Tuned ARAY range (below)

Streaming (Ethernet) cables range (below) 

Sarsen speaker cable (below)

C-Power mains cable (below)

Cadenza, Chorus and Anthem interconnects (below)

Crimson, Cobra and Chameleon interconnect cables (below) 

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