About Chord Company


Chord Company is the UK’s leading high-performance A/V cable manufacturer. With an international reputation for excellence, The Chord Company has been painstakingly designing and manufacturing high-specification cables for discerning consumers in over 50 countries worldwide, for almost 30 years.

Based in Amesbury, near Stonehenge, Wiltshire, Chord Company’s products are among the most accomplished high-performance cables on the market today. The company proudly handcrafts the vast majority of the range from its purpose-designed premises, which includes a high-quality, dedicated listening room. 

With a passionate, music-loving workforce, the majority of whom play and make their own music, the company has an unrivalled ability to produce high-quality connections that enable partnering electronics to perform without constraint. In-house design and manufacturing provides complete control of the production process for the finest possible product.