About Mitchell and Johnson

Mitchell and Johnson is a dynamic young British hi-fi company with a passion for state-of-the-art technology paired with classic aesthetics. It offers a wide number of precision-engineered audio products and has an exciting raft of UK-designed-and-built hi-fi equipment in the pipeline for 2018/19.

The company prides itself on offering the countless benefits of UK production with unrivalled affordability. Mitchell and Johnson is uniquely positioned to appeal to both discerning audiophiles and an emerging breed of music lover (inspired by music streaming and the vinyl renaissance), seeking good-quality yet affordable playback hardware. 

With design-consultancy work undertaken by one of the audio industry’s most respected electronics engineers, Mitchell and Johnson has quickly established itself as a front-runner for high-quality, inexpensive hi-fi equipment.

Mitchell and Johnson was established in London’s recent Olympic year (2012) and sports an ethos that is refreshingly inclusive, driven by co-founder and ‘sound evangelist’ Dave Johnson’s passion for enabling consumers to enjoy high-fidelity sound, affordably.